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Things to do In Granada Hills

Laser Tag for those that have not ever tried it, can be exciting and fun for the whole family. Granda Hills has a few locations and costs are relatively affordable for a family trip.

Go karting is also a family activity that can be fun. Its like bumper karts without the bumping. Their are a few locations in or near Granada Hills that offer a good experience for tourists traveling nearby. Its fun and it is on the way to Six Flags.

Distance from Granada Hills To Los Angeles Airport

Distance clocked in at 26.4 miles away from LAX International Airport

Distance clocked in at 12.6 miles away from Bob Hope Airport (Burbank Airport)

Distance clocked in at 8 miles away from Van Nuys Airport

Need A Ride to the Airport?

Famous Limo Service is your premium and luxurious limousine service for rides to and from airports in Los Angeles. Compare costs, find deals today by calling 818-925-6851 | Car Service Los Angeles 

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Traveling for the Holiday | LAX Trips

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Traveling during the holidays is one of the most exciting and stressful times of the year. Our company provides rides to and from Los Angeles international airport and we see how frustated some people are at the airport. We like to make things easy for our clients and those that want a little less stress in their lives. Our ride service provides just that and more with our stress free ride to LAX international airport.

A few things to consider

Choices Choices Choices

Large families often want a shuttle service, but why not embrace a luxurious and comfortable limousine? Families with more than 6 passengers can get a ride with a limousine and enjoy comfortable and luxurious limo for the family. Grab breakfast, enjoy yourself prior to arriving on time for your flight?  Maybe a limousine service is to costly for your budget? Our luxurious SUV Service is perfect for smaller families. We provide SUV service for up to 6 passengers and its our most popular service request. Affordable and yet luxurious. Comfortable ride for the entire family.

Choosing your flight

When you consider your flight, choosing an our thats most affordable might cost you extra when you booking your ride. Best hours are 9am – 1pm everyday for our service.  We provide rides 24 hours, but costs are often lower during the morning with more available drivers.

Compare costs for ride service to and from LAX Airport with Famous Limo Service.  A Luxury sedan service provider for rides to and from LAX Airport. Affordable and competitive | 818-925-6851

Family of the Year | Amoeba Hollywood

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Concert:  Family Of The Year — 9/1 2015 6pm

If you heard the song “Hero” – Family of the Year you know that this band is remarkable and inspirational when it comes to music. Its exciting to know that they will be performing at the Amoeba in Hollywood at Sept 1st @ 6:00 PM.

Whether its your first concert, or a thrillest and enjoy concerts, music and adventure, we believe Family of the Year is an amazing band with good music and strong vocals. Amoeba Theater is also a wonderful place for musicians to host there concerts and we encourage more events at local venues in Hollywood.

Who we are and Why we matter! 

Famous Limo Service offers rides to and from events, concerts, and airports regardless of the event. We have done funnerals to weddings and even corporate events. We provide professional Luxury SUV and Limousines for events, corporate parties, LAX trips, and more. Fully licensed and insured, we make it easy getting a ride to and from locations. If you compare our prices to the parking and headaches of driving through Hollywood, its well worth it for a few friends to split the tab of our luxury SUV. Up to 6 passengers ride comfortably to your concert or event! Let us be your designated driver for the night. Call today 818-925-6851 for prices and availability! Luxury Limousines for Concerts


Family of the Year
Amoeba Hollywood – September 1st @ 6:00pm

Celebrating their new self-titled album on Nettwerk Records with a special live acoustic set and signing. Receive a free limited edition 7″ with purchase of either CD/LP at the in-store!

Catch them live on November 28th at The Troubadour.

If you are a big fan of “Family of the Years”



Bacaro LA

Those of you that are looking for a classy upscale wine bar, should really consider this gem among the riches. Its authentic Italian food without the garbage. Most restaurants spends way to much time on there image and less time on really helping its customers.

Likes and Dislikes

What I Love most about the place its wines

What i love the Least, it gets crowded fast!  

Location and Phone#

Address: 2308 South Union Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Hours: Open today · 5:00 – 10:00 pm
Get A Ride Today |   Famous Limo Service | 818-925-6851
Limousine and Car Service Provider in Los Angeles, Consider Famous Limousine Service for your ride to your party or event! Amazing Prices, SUV service at sedan prices! 2012 + Well Maintained Quality Service. Luxury Taxi Service Los Angeles
*** Dont Drink and Drive! (My favorite 3 D’s) ****

Classic Car Service For Weddings | Los Angeles, CA

Limousine Service

When it comes to weddings, no one does it better than Famous Limousine Service and our fleet of exceptional vehicles. Our most popular packages we offer those that want to hire a professional limousine service provider for there wedding is our Classic car / limousine package.

Type of Classic Cars?

Our most famous classic car for wedding events is our special 1960s Bentley. It fits up to 3 passengers comfortable (1 front 2 back). It is fully restored, and shiny white color brings joy to those looking for amazing pictures for their wedding.

Limousine Service / combo

Individually our limousine is priced $140 hourly minimum 4 hours

Combined deal for limousine and Classic Car, $300 per hour minimum 4 hours

Check out our reviews and book your service today!

What to Look for In a Limousine Service Provider

Limousine Service

What to Look for in Limousine Company

When a customer inquires about a price for a limousine service, that customer has a relatively good idea of what she is expecting (if its not her 1st time). We have done a survey of our last 20 customers and found that most customers expect the similar things.

Famous Limo Service | Limousine and Car Share Service | 818-925-6851

Here is our top 9 list of expectation most customers expect (Tips and Tricks)

1. Confidence in your service is a big factor to consider when speaking to the customer the first time. Showing you are confident in what you are doing, paying attention to the details and listening to their needs will get you a long way.

2. No Hidden Fees is another potentially harmful topic most customers hate. Most people will ask the person they are speaking to if there will be additional fees later on. (Gratuity is not a hidden fee)

3. Being Polite can help turn a potentially non client into a paid client. Listen to those that inquire and provide useful remarks that will help your customer make more informed decisions.

4. Be Helpful as most tourist love the attention.

Example: A customer contacted FAMOUS LIMO SERVICE and was looking for places to visit during a layaway from his trip to the Philippines. He had 7 guests and really wanted to make his time in Los Angeles county. He asked if their was any places that most tourist traveled. I took the time and answered his questions, and even gave my personal favorites. He was so excited at the end of the day that he decided to book us for his trip. Imagine what a little suggestion got me.  A GIG!

5.  Big Smiles when your driver arrives is pleasant for everyone even customers! Insure all your drivers are dressed appropriately and are smiling at your customers.

6. Your car is your advertisement, make it look and feel great. A clean car / limousine will show your clients that you are very serious about your business and it shows. Make sure its clean at all times.

7. Offer a little extra at no charge. Most people love getting things for free, and using this psychology can keep customers satisfied without doing very much. A couple of miles here and there wont break anyone persons bank.

8. Ending your trip is as important as your smile. Make sure the customer knows how you appreciate his business. Smile and pass your business card along for future business.

9. Follow up with your customers in 2 month. Most people will be either returning to work, or already settled in. Check in with them and ask for a recommendation. Recommendations will help you get more business.


Famous Limousine Service is a licensed limousine service and car provider based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our fleet ranges from classic cars, Luxury Sedans, SUV’s, Limousines and more. Our most popular events are bachelor parties, Proms, LAX Airport trips, Corporate events, and our new Las Vegas, NV Specials.

We pick you up anywhere in Southern California and take you where you need to be.




Greek Theatre | Lorde In Concert Oct 6 – 7


Those of Us that have been touched by Lorde and her music can appreciate and support her concert live October 6th and 7th. Its great that it lands right in the middle of Famous Limo Service area of operations. Our drivers are going to be really busy taking young fans of Lorde to and from the concert. Local Rides available and prices are competitive. Call for details and let us take you to your concert in luxury. Limousine services are limited so call now for pricing 818-925-6851 and find out costs.


Greek Theatre 2700 N Vermont Ave, in Griffith Park (Heavy Traffic)

Celebrate, Embrace and Enjoy Lorde Concert in Style from any of our luxury vehicles.

Famous Limo Service


Hollywood Palladium | Atmosphere Underground Hip Hop Artist Live In LA


Those of us that enjoy good, nontoxic hip hop can enjoy the beats and real tone of Atmosphere. One of the best indie Hip Hop artist that raps about life, love and hardship of what i assume he is going through. I cant say hes my all time favorite, but he is up their within the top 10.

Those of us that are not familiar with him should give him a shot! If you do need a ride to Hollywood Palladium, consider requesting a Luxury Sedan Or SUV service from Famous Limo Service. Our professional dispatcher and answering service ready to help you and give you a great price. Limousine service available as well.

Hollywood Palladium 6215 W Sunset Blvd, between N Argyle & N El Centro Aves

September 6th


One Direction Concert at the Rose Bowl | Pasadena, CA


Its 2014 and just a couple of weeks from now, we will be at the One Direction concert with about twenty thousand people. No we are not going to go inside and enjoy the concert like everyone else! We are providing rides to and for those that want to avoid using their cars and getting stuck in huge traffic. Famous Limousine Services offers both limousine service and car service for most of Pasadena. Those that have been at the Rose Bowl before know how challenging it is on a regular weekend to go to the Rose Bowl. Imagine how impossible it will be for a One Direction Concert. 

We have multiple cars running all night for Rose Bowl Events and calling us for a quote is simple. 818-925-6851 Best to book your ride now for availability. We have most of our limousines already booked for the event and car service is going to be on a first come first serve bases. Take advantage of our competitive prices and our top quality service to and from Rose Bowl! 

Call us today for pricing or use our website 

Guardians of The Galaxy | Arclight theater Hollywood, CA


When I recently woke up from under a rock (Completely unaware of the Guardians of the Galaxy) I was so astonished on how amazing and well made the Movie Guardian’s Of The Galaxy was.

Here is the trailer:

What i liked most about the movie was how exciting and full of energy the characters were. Groot was my favorite especially at the very end when he dies and comes back as a baby. How exciting is that! Overall story line was told ethically and explained almost every part of the actual comics.

Car Service Los Angeles, CA

Opening week, Famous limousine services had many inquires for car service to the area. People want to enjoy the movie with a drink and not have to worry about driving under the influence! That and the constant traffic of Hollywood can ware you down.

Request a ride and most local trips will cost less than 60$ for our luxury SUV service. Consider 10$ for 6 friends! not bad for luxury service ?

Call us at 818-925-6851 to arrange your trip today!