Schedule your Cruise Drop-Off At Long Beach, CA

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Traveling and Why Cruises are Awesome

Cruise vacations are one of the most relaxing types of vacation trips to consider in Los Angeles. Our most favorite is Los Angeles to Mexico because its a short weekend trip, filled with fun and excitement. When you choose a cruise trip, you want a stress free, worry free experience. Everything you need in terms of food, entertainment, and relaxation is provided by the cruise ship. No need to carry a wallet, (just for drinks and other things) because food is free.

There is something for everyone when you go on a cruise. Carnival cruise lines are my favorite and often we referred to when tourists, local and more want a fun and affordable cruise trip. If you are interested in seeing comedy, or shows there are a few events each day. Those that like group activities, their are activities for them. Eating, drinking and even gambling is a few things you can do for fun.

Schedule A ride to Long Beach Port for Cruise Travel

In Los Angeles, we provide rides to and from Long Beach Harbor, and San Pedro  ports, the two main locations where carnival cruise line and other cruises depart from. We have limousines, and luxury SUV service available for almost every weekend. Schedule a ride today your next cruise with Famous Limo Service and see why we come highly recommend. Schedule your luxury car service to Long Beach


Santa Clarita, CA | Luxury Service To Airport

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Why Hire Famous Limo Service?

Famous Limo Service provides exceptional service for residence of Santa Clarita and nearby cities. Our luxury sedans, and SUV are well maintained and provide exceptional service for LAX Trips and corporate travels for business owners and locals. Our dispatchers and drivers are professional and provide better rates than rideshare services. Compare costs, save money with Famous Limo Service

818-925-6851 |

Nearby Airports

Van Nuys Airport to Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita to Van Nuys Airport

18 Miles Total Distance | Luxury sedan service to Van nuys Airport


Burbank Airport To Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita To Burbank Airport

20 Miles total Distance | Luxury sedan service to Burbank Bob Hope Airport


Los Angeles International Airport to Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita to LAX Airport

37 Miles Total Distance | Luxury Sedan Service to LAX Airport


Traveling From Granada Hills, CA | Ride Service

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Things to do In Granada Hills

Laser Tag for those that have not ever tried it, can be exciting and fun for the whole family. Granda Hills has a few locations and costs are relatively affordable for a family trip.

Go karting is also a family activity that can be fun. Its like bumper karts without the bumping. Their are a few locations in or near Granada Hills that offer a good experience for tourists traveling nearby. Its fun and it is on the way to Six Flags.

Distance from Granada Hills To Los Angeles Airport

Distance clocked in at 26.4 miles away from LAX International Airport

Distance clocked in at 12.6 miles away from Bob Hope Airport (Burbank Airport)

Distance clocked in at 8 miles away from Van Nuys Airport

Need A Ride to the Airport?

Famous Limo Service is your premium and luxurious limousine service for rides to and from airports in Los Angeles. Compare costs, find deals today by calling 818-925-6851 | Car Service Los Angeles 

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Traveling for the Holiday | LAX Trips

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Traveling during the holidays is one of the most exciting and stressful times of the year. Our company provides rides to and from Los Angeles international airport and we see how frustated some people are at the airport. We like to make things easy for our clients and those that want a little less stress in their lives. Our ride service provides just that and more with our stress free ride to LAX international airport.

A few things to consider

Choices Choices Choices

Large families often want a shuttle service, but why not embrace a luxurious and comfortable limousine? Families with more than 6 passengers can get a ride with a limousine and enjoy comfortable and luxurious limo for the family. Grab breakfast, enjoy yourself prior to arriving on time for your flight?  Maybe a limousine service is to costly for your budget? Our luxurious SUV Service is perfect for smaller families. We provide SUV service for up to 6 passengers and its our most popular service request. Affordable and yet luxurious. Comfortable ride for the entire family.

Choosing your flight

When you consider your flight, choosing an our thats most affordable might cost you extra when you booking your ride. Best hours are 9am – 1pm everyday for our service.  We provide rides 24 hours, but costs are often lower during the morning with more available drivers.

Compare costs for ride service to and from LAX Airport with Famous Limo Service.  A Luxury sedan service provider for rides to and from LAX Airport. Affordable and competitive | 818-925-6851

Famous Hollywood Sign

Visiting the Hollywood Sign | Hollywood California Ride Service


For historic purposes, the hollywood sign is the symbol of everything great about Los Angeles and Hollywood. Hollywood is the center of entertainment and movie industry. The hollywood sign with Universal studios is the few things still reminding visitors that Hollywood is where the movie stars live.

Historically, the sign was built-in 1923 to showcase the importance of hollywood to visitors that arrive to LA. Almost hitting a 100th year anniversary, Hollywood sign is an experience with a strong history and importance to the Local community.

Its also one of the most popular tourist attractions for travellers. If you traveling and need a local pickup from Los Angeles International Airport to Hollywood Sign in Hollywood Hills, CA; we can help. Famous Limo Service, offers luxury SUV service that fits up to 6 passengers comfortably and is one of the best service providers in Los Angeles. luxury car service for guests and even locals that have not seen  the famous sign. Call to book your ride today! 818-925-6851

Famous Hollywood Sign

Party In Hollywood, CA | Ride Safely with Famous Limo Service


Traveling to Hollywood, CA

When you are traveling to Hollywood and looking to let loose, hiring a limousine service provider for safe rides to and from locations is crucial to having a great time. Experience has shown that guests that are traveling often rely on costly uber rides and other rideshare services. While booking Famous limo service offers affordable travel by hourly rate or by round trip. Rates starting as low as $55 an hour (minimum 4 hours) We ensure an safe and responsible experience for our guests.

What to expect

Expectations are high when booking one of the best limousine service providers in Hollywood. Famous Limousine Service knows the streets, and local venues to make trips less daunting and more enjoyable. We know all the senic routes for newly traveling guests and short cuts for time sensative travels. Our limousines are top of the line when compared to similarly priced companies in our community. Our luxury SUVs are well maintained and still feel brand new.

Call for pricing and limousine service for Hollywood travels and discover why so many guests use us for traveling and party service in Hollywood.

LAX to Disneyland | Los Angeles Limo Service


Traveling with Family to Disneyland

Families that are traveling in California have options when it comes to booking a car service in Los Angeles. Famous Limo Service offers LAX pickups and drop off services to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Amazing prices and professional service for the kids and family. Trusted by hundreds in Los Angeles, we are ideal car service for traveling guests. We even complimentary upgrade families to our SUV service that fits 6 passengers comfortably. Costs are affordable and offer round trip as well. Call for pricing options and details.

Car service in Los Angeles

Famous Limousine Services is a 1st class car service provider in Los Angeles, CA. Our professional drivers and luxury SUVs/sedans help traveling guests feel comfortable traveling in Los Angeles. Los Angeles traffic and driving is one of the most stressful parts of Los Angeles and we make it easy for families that want to experience the best of LA without the harsh road conditions. Call for pricing and details today! Car service in Los Angeles.


Famous Limo Service offers 10% off Car service rates for those traveling to Disneyland.

Guardians of The Galaxy | Arclight theater Hollywood, CA


When I recently woke up from under a rock (Completely unaware of the Guardians of the Galaxy) I was so astonished on how amazing and well made the Movie Guardian’s Of The Galaxy was.

Here is the trailer:

What i liked most about the movie was how exciting and full of energy the characters were. Groot was my favorite especially at the very end when he dies and comes back as a baby. How exciting is that! Overall story line was told ethically and explained almost every part of the actual comics.

Car Service Los Angeles, CA

Opening week, Famous limousine services had many inquires for car service to the area. People want to enjoy the movie with a drink and not have to worry about driving under the influence! That and the constant traffic of Hollywood can ware you down.

Request a ride and most local trips will cost less than 60$ for our luxury SUV service. Consider 10$ for 6 friends! not bad for luxury service ?

Call us at 818-925-6851 to arrange your trip today!

LAX to Lake Sherwood, CA | Famous Limo Service


Lake Sherwood is one of the most exciting and hidden jewels of Ventura County. Most people have not heard of it, and if they have, never actually visited the area. What makes Lake Sherwood one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the Los Angeles and Ventura county is the exclusivity of the residence and how wonderfully natural it felt. 

I had the privilege of picking up Tom from his Lake Sherwood Residence. Our first impression was a strong and serious businessman traveling for business. After discovering he was in town for a brief period of time due to business and he was flying back home for his daughter birthday party, provided a short detour to local market to pickup a birthday card and teddy bear. He was excited to get back to his flight and back to the east coast. 

The thing that makes Famous Limousine Service the ideal service for your travels is very simple. We go the extra mile and make sure you are left 100% satisfied. Our courtesy and commitment to providing exceptional service has brought good fortune to our company. Take our car challenge today and request our famous Suv car service and find out what makes us #1 car service in Ventura County. 

Famous Limousine Service – 818-925-6851

LAX to Palos Verdes, CA | Famous Limousine Service


Are you looking for a Luxury car service for your trip to the airport? Are you looking for Luxury Car Service for any event in Palos Verdes, CA

We had a client one day that was in need of a car service to get her family to London from LAX. It was absolutely unacceptable that a Limousine service had cancelled her vehicle 2 days prior to her flight. Its amazing how certain companies fail to provide decent customer services. 

When Sarah found famous Limousine Services on Yelp, she was excited how fast and at a great price she got her service. Complimentary upgrade from car service to Luxury SUV service, she was ecstatic. She booked her service and later invited her friends to use Famous Limo Service. 

The bottom line is that residence have a top of the line luxury limousine and car service to rave about in Palos Verdes, CA! Business owners now have the customer service to go with the luxury car service they book. Call us today for price quotes and more! 

Famous Limo Service