Taxi Vs Car Service La Crescenta

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Taxi Vs Luxury Sedan Service – La Crescenta

Have you ever wondered why the taxi industry got hit with Uber and Lyft? Why are so many people choosing to upgrade and go with a luxury sedan service verses your traditional taxi? Famous Limo Service being one of the luxury car services in La Crescenta will explain why more and more clients are choosing limo service for airport transportation, and business trips.

Taxi Companies are not professional

If you were planning a business trip and had to call for a taxi last minute, chances are you were going to be late to your meeting because the taxi will not provide a correct ETA (estimated time of arrival).  Taxi companies chose not to arrive at clients that were not worth their time, same applies for events and business areas got less service due to traffic.

Furthermore, haggling over price was common for taxi clients as the service rarely equated to the costs of the ride. Most taxi drivers used a meter to calculate costs. That meter would be driven higher while entertaining tourists with crap about the city instead of getting them to their destination the quickest route. On average taxi drivers would up the price per fare by $5-$10 depending on the distance.

Cleanliness and service always lacked when you chose to go with a taxi. Most taxi drivers rarely update the cab, much then keep the area clean. More often than not, it would smell bad, and air conditioning might be broken or not blow cold air. What a mess right?

Limo and Car Services Compared To Taxi

Private limo and car services like ours near La Crescenta, CA are slowly becoming a popular alternative to taxi and low cost ride shares. Famous Limo Service is the complete opposite of the taxi service.  We reserve our clients in advance and arrive on average 7 to 15 minutes early. We map the quickest route and ensure you get to your destination on time. Our airport limo service is world class and award winning. We make your pre-flight experience a thing to remember, even while you are on vacation. Our premium car and limo services are cleaned, prepped and washed every single day to meet the demand of our clients. Reserve now to get the best limo service in La Crescenta, CA.


Santa Clarita, CA | Luxury Service To Airport

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Why Hire Famous Limo Service?

Famous Limo Service provides exceptional service for residence of Santa Clarita and nearby cities. Our luxury sedans, and SUV are well maintained and provide exceptional service for LAX Trips and corporate travels for business owners and locals. Our dispatchers and drivers are professional and provide better rates than rideshare services. Compare costs, save money with Famous Limo Service

818-925-6851 |

Nearby Airports

Van Nuys Airport to Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita to Van Nuys Airport

18 Miles Total Distance | Luxury sedan service to Van nuys Airport


Burbank Airport To Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita To Burbank Airport

20 Miles total Distance | Luxury sedan service to Burbank Bob Hope Airport


Los Angeles International Airport to Santa Clarita – Santa Clarita to LAX Airport

37 Miles Total Distance | Luxury Sedan Service to LAX Airport


Family of the Year | Amoeba Hollywood

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Concert:  Family Of The Year — 9/1 2015 6pm

If you heard the song “Hero” – Family of the Year you know that this band is remarkable and inspirational when it comes to music. Its exciting to know that they will be performing at the Amoeba in Hollywood at Sept 1st @ 6:00 PM.

Whether its your first concert, or a thrillest and enjoy concerts, music and adventure, we believe Family of the Year is an amazing band with good music and strong vocals. Amoeba Theater is also a wonderful place for musicians to host there concerts and we encourage more events at local venues in Hollywood.

Who we are and Why we matter! 

Famous Limo Service offers rides to and from events, concerts, and airports regardless of the event. We have done funnerals to weddings and even corporate events. We provide professional Luxury SUV and Limousines for events, corporate parties, LAX trips, and more. Fully licensed and insured, we make it easy getting a ride to and from locations. If you compare our prices to the parking and headaches of driving through Hollywood, its well worth it for a few friends to split the tab of our luxury SUV. Up to 6 passengers ride comfortably to your concert or event! Let us be your designated driver for the night. Call today 818-925-6851 for prices and availability! Luxury Limousines for Concerts


Family of the Year
Amoeba Hollywood – September 1st @ 6:00pm

Celebrating their new self-titled album on Nettwerk Records with a special live acoustic set and signing. Receive a free limited edition 7″ with purchase of either CD/LP at the in-store!

Catch them live on November 28th at The Troubadour.

If you are a big fan of “Family of the Years”

Santa Monica to LAX Airport | Limousine Service

Limousine Service

Looking for a ride to the Airport and not sure which limousine service provider to go with?

Famous limousine Service, your ideal choice for limousine and luxury car service for LAX. We pride ourselves on fast, and friendly service. We are competitive in price wise and always looking for ways to save you money!

Here is our Pictures of Our Fleet:

Here is our Reviews:

5 Star Awesomeness is easy when it comes naturally!

Call us 818-925-6851 to get a price for your trip today!

Why Choose Famous Limo Service? 

Our professional drivers make us standout compared to the rest of the limousine service providers in our area. We go the extra mile and help people get to there destination in style and comfort.

Our priority is helping our customers, and believe our customers pave the way for our business. Value that we add for our clients are being professional, polite, and courtesy. Our drivers know Santa Monica, and work with local ride share services to provide even better services. Most often we serve UBER and Lyft Customers so call us for even better deals

Classic Car Service For Weddings | Los Angeles, CA

Limousine Service

When it comes to weddings, no one does it better than Famous Limousine Service and our fleet of exceptional vehicles. Our most popular packages we offer those that want to hire a professional limousine service provider for there wedding is our Classic car / limousine package.

Type of Classic Cars?

Our most famous classic car for wedding events is our special 1960s Bentley. It fits up to 3 passengers comfortable (1 front 2 back). It is fully restored, and shiny white color brings joy to those looking for amazing pictures for their wedding.

Limousine Service / combo

Individually our limousine is priced $140 hourly minimum 4 hours

Combined deal for limousine and Classic Car, $300 per hour minimum 4 hours

Check out our reviews and book your service today!

Limousine Service To LAX Airport | LAX Airport to Los Angeles, CA | Famous Limo Service

Limousine Service

Are you Traveling to Los Angeles, CA? Looking for a professional car service provider to take you where you need to go? Hiring a local, trusted and customer oriented transportation company like Famous Limousine Service can offer benefits you might not have thought about.

Check out you should hire Famous Limousine Service for your next trip to LAX Airport Los Angeles, CA.

1. Friendly Service is a big plus when it comes to the fast paced life of Los Angeles Residence. Our drivers are friendly, polite and courteous to our guests from the abroad.

2. Costs are a big deal for most travelers, Famous Limousine Services offers discounts for frequent flyers that use our services. Find out pricing for your trip today.

3. Familiar to local areas and tourist attractions is another added bonus of hiring Famous Limo Service.

4. Clean cars, and options to choose from. from limousines to luxury sedans and SUV. Check out our most popular SUV service.

Its scary in a different place without a friend, let us help you get to your destination comfortably and in style. Mention how you found us for deals and more. Luxury Taxi Service to LAX Airport

What to Look for In a Limousine Service Provider

Limousine Service

What to Look for in Limousine Company

When a customer inquires about a price for a limousine service, that customer has a relatively good idea of what she is expecting (if its not her 1st time). We have done a survey of our last 20 customers and found that most customers expect the similar things.

Famous Limo Service | Limousine and Car Share Service | 818-925-6851

Here is our top 9 list of expectation most customers expect (Tips and Tricks)

1. Confidence in your service is a big factor to consider when speaking to the customer the first time. Showing you are confident in what you are doing, paying attention to the details and listening to their needs will get you a long way.

2. No Hidden Fees is another potentially harmful topic most customers hate. Most people will ask the person they are speaking to if there will be additional fees later on. (Gratuity is not a hidden fee)

3. Being Polite can help turn a potentially non client into a paid client. Listen to those that inquire and provide useful remarks that will help your customer make more informed decisions.

4. Be Helpful as most tourist love the attention.

Example: A customer contacted FAMOUS LIMO SERVICE and was looking for places to visit during a layaway from his trip to the Philippines. He had 7 guests and really wanted to make his time in Los Angeles county. He asked if their was any places that most tourist traveled. I took the time and answered his questions, and even gave my personal favorites. He was so excited at the end of the day that he decided to book us for his trip. Imagine what a little suggestion got me.  A GIG!

5.  Big Smiles when your driver arrives is pleasant for everyone even customers! Insure all your drivers are dressed appropriately and are smiling at your customers.

6. Your car is your advertisement, make it look and feel great. A clean car / limousine will show your clients that you are very serious about your business and it shows. Make sure its clean at all times.

7. Offer a little extra at no charge. Most people love getting things for free, and using this psychology can keep customers satisfied without doing very much. A couple of miles here and there wont break anyone persons bank.

8. Ending your trip is as important as your smile. Make sure the customer knows how you appreciate his business. Smile and pass your business card along for future business.

9. Follow up with your customers in 2 month. Most people will be either returning to work, or already settled in. Check in with them and ask for a recommendation. Recommendations will help you get more business.


Famous Limousine Service is a licensed limousine service and car provider based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our fleet ranges from classic cars, Luxury Sedans, SUV’s, Limousines and more. Our most popular events are bachelor parties, Proms, LAX Airport trips, Corporate events, and our new Las Vegas, NV Specials.

We pick you up anywhere in Southern California and take you where you need to be.